Date: May 08, 2014

“Jack Levine” now on DVD and online

Jack Levine: Feast of Pure Reason is now available for purchase on DVD and streaming online through Vimeo.

Broadcast nationally on P.O.V., the critically acclaimed PBS series of America's finest non-fiction films, this bold and unconventional portrait reveals America's foremost Social Realist painter doing what he does best: skewering corrupt politicians and police, raging over social injustices, and satirizing the petty foibles of human kind. Jack Levine got his professional start during the Federal Arts Projects of the WPA, and quickly became world famous for his brilliantly painted, brutally ironic vision of America and the world. He's the only American artist who never stopped painting as a Social Realist, even when it went out of vogue in the 1950s and 1960s.


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