Date: January 11, 2014

Kind Hearted Woman featured on “Behind The Doc Lens”

Kind Hearted Woman and David Sutherland are the subject of the latest episode of "Behind the Doc Lens," a web and blog series focused on profiling prominent filmmakers from around New England.

In an interview with Lauren Brody, David goes in depth about his style of documentary - preferring the title "portraitist" to "filmmaker" - and the journey his latest film took him on.

For me, making a film is all consuming. The last three films have taken nineteen years of my life. I want watching the film to feel like you are living in the subject’s skin. I don’t want anyone perfect—I want three dimensional characters. I can’t make films that are 1 ½ hours because you have to watch the subjects change. If the audience worries about the subjects then the issues raised in the film becomes more relevant in their lives. I also never do a film about straight issues—the issues come out of the people.

Read the full interview here.